Directors Lounge [DL]

Julia Murakami is a curator and artistic director for Directors Lounge, including “The Berlin International Directors Lounge” Film Festival for contemporary art and media. 

Directors Lounge started as an experiment, a relaxed space for filmmakers, videoartists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema and videoart, during The Berlin International Film Festival, and functioned as a hideaway, a meeting point and also as a starting point for new creative collaborations. Directors Lounge presents rare, experimental or simply unknown works which often don’t fit into any category. Video installations and live events that go beyond the boundries of the screen literally expand the program. As opposed to most film festivals, Directors Lounge does not restrict itselve to specific themes. Instead, it tries to visualize actual trends and movements. It is the art production itself that triggers the focal point of their work. Directors Lounge is neither a media gallery nor limited to the annual festival event, but a continuous platform for film and media art that uses these formats as a matrix in an ongoing attempt to resuscitate a culture of the artistic circle in the 21 century.
A broad network of communication channels, from the Directors Lounge online magazine to social media, covers all DL activities and guarantees ongoing dialogue with participating artists. Alongside the continuous activity to arrange screenings and curate exhibitions, Directors Lounge is now, with an archive of several thousand works and strong ties to many like-minded projects, also a valuable resource for curators of film festivals, media events and art projects. Since 2005 Directors Lounge has been invited by international institutions, art events and cinematic venues to mount special screenings and exhibitions.

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