Q18 Gallery, Quartier am Hafen – Carried Landscapes

A collection of images and impressions about place at Q18 Gallery, curated by Kim Collmer.

Carried Landscapes at Q18 Galerie Quartier am Hafen in Köln

carried landscapes: a collection of images and impressions about place

Q18 Gallery, Quartier am Hafen, Poller Kirchweg 78-90, Köln
Saturday & Sunday, 11-12 December 2021, from 14:00-18:00*

I am very pleased to announce the exhibition Carried Landscapes opening on December 11 & 12 at the Quartier am Hafen in Cologne.
Carried Landscapes presents over 50 images from all over the world.
Artists and “non-artists” alike shared their works, which were not about perfect travel photos, but about places of personal significance.
Curated by Kim Collmer.

With contributions from: Animal Magic / Dragutin Banic / Roland Barker / Ana Barzakova / Flynn Maria Bergman / Sara Bonaventura / Klara Brochhagen / Veronica Cueva-Peralta / Eve Cohen / Collmer / Jennifer Hope Davy / Maike Esselbrügge / Paul Christian Erntges / Stephan Fischer / Stefan Flach / Catherine Forester / Janet Galore / Hervé Garcia / Julia Göhring / Sonja Hempel / Tammy Honey / Bridget Horton / Miranda Javid / Sven Kalden / Petra Klusmeyer / Rune Knaak / Lars Kreyßig / Jan Krönen / Pira Sara Laukner / Andreas Lemke / Susanne Lorenz / Laura Lot / Julia Murakami / Robin Meijerink / Rosetta Messori / Tracey Montoya / Naomi Muirhead / Rui Nacumbize Namagoa / Sophia New & Dan Belasco Rogers / Laura Nova / Nie Pastille / Sean Patten / Chris Umney / Natascha Schmitten / Claudia Schmitz / Sylvia Steinhäuser / Linley Storm-Boyette / Swasky / Friese Undine / Sore Venus / Visuman / André Werner / Sophia Honey Wilson / Shaun Wilson / Jami Wray-Parcher / Ronnie E. Wright II / Pete Young

During the exhibition music by Animal Magic “Creatures of Stillness!” will be played in honor and memory of Jeff McGrory. It’s also here free to download, thanks to the other band member, Chris Umney.



* The current Corona regulations on those dates will be followed.