Realitätsnah | Tor218 Artlab

Realitätsnah | Tor218 Artlab. Annäherungen an die Wirklichkeit mit Arbeiten von Rainer Görss, Markus Käsler, Julia Murakami, Joachim …

Realitätsnah im Galerie und Bar Tor218 Artlab in Berlin-Mitte mit Arbeiten von Julia Murakami, Rainer Görss, Tomax, Michael Vorfeld, André Werner, Markus Kaesler, Visuman, Jochaim Seinfeld, Telemach Wiesinger

Realitätsnah | Tor218 Artlab, 08.12.2022 14.01.2023

Approaches to reality

It is not without a certain irony that in our over visualized times it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus our gaze on what is real. The works united in the exhibition realitätsnah | close to reality open up, in very different ways, the view of what we consider to be authentic.
The gaze on what we perceive as true, as genuine.

Participating artists:
Rainer Görss
Markus Käsler
Julia Murakami
Joachim Seinfeld
Michael Vorfeld
André Werner
Telemach Wiesinger

Tor218 Artlab “Realitätsnah”
Vernissage: Wed. 08. 12.2022, 7 p.m.
Opening hours: Wed 15. – Sat 18. 4 pm -7 pm
Dec. 08, 2022 – Jan. 14, 2023
Torstraße 218
10115 Berlin Mitte

exhibition extended till February!
Pls. visit website for details.