The Claw Crane Series

A thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of mental and neurological disorders.


Julia Murakami Candy Grabber No. I The Alien Hand

A thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of the human experience within the field of mental and neurological disorders.

The claw crane, typically found in amusement parks, serves as a symbol of the desire for instant gratification and control. In Julia Murakami’s concept, each claw crane represents a vessel for different case studies.

These multisensory dioramas include not only the mechanical claw cranes, but audio documentation and new technology that invites the viewer to interact. While the viewer tends to manipulate the crane, the resulting experience may not be what is expected.

In the context of neurological disorders, the conscious use of AI-generated imagery emphasizes the experience. The unpredictable and abstract nature of generated imagery represents this loss of control. By merging the outputs of artificial intelligence and psychiatric documentation, the Claw Crane Series incorporates elements from multiple cultural and artistic traditions, exploring the relationship between technology, imagination, and the human experience. At the same time, it visualizes the person’s loss of control and detachment from their own body. In this sense, Julia Murakami’s series could be seen as a form of fusion art, as it draws on multiple disciplines to create something new. Interactive elements and audio experiences combine the work into a cohesive narrative that challenges traditional perceptions of art and the way it is created.

Selected recordings documenting neurological disorders and extreme forms of psychotic illnesses, a project by British musician and producer Paul Browse (Clock DVA, System 01, Effective Force), add an unsettling element to the art project as different speakers share confessions from real-life individuals.

Overall, Julia Murakami’s Claw Crane Series and Paul Browse’s audio stories create an immersive and thought-provoking art concept that invites the viewer to engage with the complexities of the human psyche.

March, 2023

The Crawl Crane Confessions:

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Paul Browse is a British musician and producer who has been involved in a variety of electronic music projects since the early 1980s. Best known for his work with Clock DVA, an influential industrial music group that he co-founded in 1978, Browse was heavily involved in the creation of the band’s distinctive sound, which combined elements of punk, industrial, and electronic music.

Throughout his career, Browse has collaborated with a wide range of artists and musicians, including psychedelic advocate Timothy Leary. Since relocating to Berlin in 1989, he has been involved in a number of other musical projects, including System 01 and Effective Force, and facilitated the creation of the Tresor Records label, which has played a crucial role in promoting techno music worldwide.

Browse’s work has been featured in a number of films, including the popular sci-fi franchise The Matrix, for which he contributed music alongside fellow composer Johnny Klimek.

In recent years his interest has been in documenting neurological disorders. The audio files here are recordings of some of his encounters.