KH5 Gallery, Zurich, 7 – 21.7. 2017

photo: KH5 Gallery in Zurich

The Seven Deadly Sins | solo exhibition at KH5 Gallery.

Julia Murakami‘s work series can be seen as a visual exploration into a lost and forgotten time. Seemingly frozen in a single moment either in stage-like settings or as a cosmos of odd creatures, the works showcase voyeuristic insights into a world anchored in the psyche. Hidden references among the works (such as the white poodle from the OUAT series, which reappears as a motif in Forgotten Memories Of The Joyous Circus), are playfully intertwined “cameo appearances“ of the protagonists, which combine Murakami‘s works into a coherent oeuvre.

In her photographs she portraits herself as the denizens of this forgotten place – whimsical hybrid creatures with animal heads and human bodies – in an intimate way. Here a reference to the Greek myths, there the search for the bygone: memory, longing, dream, loss.
With her characteristic subtlety, Julia Murakami confronts the phantasmagoric with the real world with a charming implicitness and thus creates visual flashbacks which simultaneously evoke alienation and familiarity.

The Berlin Series  The Seven Deadly Sins,
7 July 21 July 2017

7 July 2017,  7 10 pm

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KH5 Gallery
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